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We deliver Ghassoul under-form of plates or powder in bags of 0.5 kg. Prices differ according to the country where Ghassoul will be to send (cost of transport).


PLEASE contact us  to know the prices for shipping.


The product: Ghassoul la Caravane can be ordered by Internet in full safety. We do not ask for credit cards. It is enough to send us a message comprising: your Name, First name, Email, Country, Adresse, telephone and the Quantity of Ghassoul which you want order. To our address E-mail:



Thank you to make us a commercial proposal.




Hammam Pack 1

Contents of the Pack: 3 bottles of pure Argan-oil Hight Quality. + 1 bag of 1.1lb (500g) of Ghassoul - Rhassoul Clay powder, Hight cosmetic quality. Directly from Morocco.

Our Best Price 33.00 USD
  Plus shipping and handling

Result clearly visible on the skin of your face from the first day. Fewer wrinkles and more youthfulness, beauty and health.

100% Natural sweetness. for your skin and hair.

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Ghassoul, Rassoul, Rhassoul: Natural Cosmetics Clay
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