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Application Mode of Ghassoul.
Ghassoul is presented in large mounds of color clear gray or dark gray as on the photograph.
To take the quantity necessary for a shampoo (of approximately 2 spoons of Ghassoul tea). In a container.

To pour tepid water by mixing until obtaining a very light paste (Made attention: not to add much water?)

You will note that the mixture takes the consistency of a paste so consistent that its application even is a true moment of pleasure

To then apply this cream of ghassoul to the head the face and all the body and to rub vigorously.

To await 5 to 10 minutes and release so that Ghassoul acted better on your skin

To rinse well your hair and your skin with hot water to suit you note the difference immediately: your skin is very soft, the body is hardened, cleaned in-depth, your hair one took volume and brightness finally on the skin a perfume suave and light completely delicious.
Ghassoul softens the skin, reduced the secretion of sebum, regenerates your skin by gumming its dead cells and balance by tightening its pores.



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