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Presentation: Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul

Known in the whole world, Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul is a kind of clay extracted in the mountains from the Atlas from Morocco. For several centuries, it has been used by the Eastern women, mainly the Morrocan women, to look after and clean delicately their hair and their skin. Discover the richness of this natural rock which will give glare, purity with your features and will look after your hair...

Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul are a mineral clay. Generally conceived for the capillary and body care, you can use it only or mixed with essential oils or of the water of pink for better scenting your texture.
Extracted on the level the Tamdafelt career in Boulemane, area of Fès in Morocco, Ghassoul is an argillaceous ground which constitutes the raw material for the products of hygiene and beauty. 75% of the production are intended for export. The word Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul comes from Arabic and means "to be washed". It is about a clay mineral buried in the mountain of the Atlas. It is described as ground to wash itself. In the Maghreb countries it is used since centuries for the hygiene of the skin and the hair. The history of Ghassoul can be told like a true account . It is an argillaceous rock of brown color, made up mainly by a clay of the group of the montmorillonite, characterized by its magnesian pole, the stévensite. The rock contains also silica, carbonates as well as clays of the group of the illite. Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul are used since antiquity like a natural product for the detergent and like shampoo. Currently, it is marketed thanks to its detergent properties (stain-removing) and grease-removing.

Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul and the tradition:

For several years, Ghassoul, Rassoul or Rhassoul have remained the element impossible to circumvent for all the preparations of the hammam. If the women envisage the soft soap as well as the massage glove, they do not certainly forget Ghassoul in their cases. It is an essential need and a care which forms integral part of the needs for the beauty of all the women which are young people or old.

It is significant to recall that among the offerings made to the bride, one generally thinks of Ghassoul at the sides of the purses of henné and of milk. But it is today regrettable to note that this richness from now on is been sulky by several girls because of the new products, creams and shampoos which invaded the market of the cosmetics.



Ghassoul, Rassoul, Rhassoul: Natural Cosmetics Clay
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