Fall in love with taking care of yourself mind, body, spirit.

World Hammam & Spa Supplies: Professional Spa and Beauty. Resellers. Retailers. Wholesale Rhassoul Prices, Export Price, Bulk Price Quote… of Premium Selected Rhassoul Powder 100% Pure & Guenuine. click here.

We also sell Rhassoul for Individuals! You can Enjoy a purifying Rhassoul face, hair & body mask at home! click here.

This man is the Moroccan Rhassoul Clay Specialist! He is known all over the world under the name: Mr Rhassoul, He would like to say a big thank you and how much He appreciated your thoughtfulness in buying our products and your excellence of spirit and love of earth.

Hi, I'm Salah, a creative entrepreneur with a love for earth, wellness, and human,
dedicated to sharing the vibrant traditions of my Morocco with the world.

You are a professional and you want to be accompanied or to form a partnership with Moroccan Rituals? Contact us to let us know your needs and expectations.

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