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Ghassoul or Rhassoul The Miracle of Earth.

Origins of Rhassoul or Ghassoul Clay In Morocco, there is a soapy clay that has traditionally been used since centuries, probably since the middle ages (12th and 13th centuries), by all the North African population and in parts of the middle-east. This clay is called Ghassoul or Rhassoul, whose etymology derives from the Arabic verb “Rassala” which means “to wash”. The exploitation of this clay is done in underground mine shafts. Although Rhassoul Clay is not as widely available because it is difficult to obtain from the deep clay beds, it has been used for centuries by the ancient people of Rome and Egypt. Location The Rhassoul or Ghassoul products come from the only known deposits in the world. These deposits are bordering the middle Atlas chain, in the Moulouya’s valley, 200 km from the Moroccan city of Fes. Geological formation The Ghassoul or Rhassoul is a riparian sedimentary formation generated during the tertiary period. The first Ghassoul scientific analysis was conducted by Darmour in 1843. However, it is only in 1923 that Barthoux describes the mineral deposits, followed by Jeannette. Barthoux attributes this Ghassoul or Rhassoul deposit to the Jurassic period and identifies this clay in a marly sediment trapping with irregular layers of limestone’s gypsum. Later, the precise geological origin of this clay was debated by Yavamovitch, Frey and AL between 1936 and 1937 who concluded that it was generated by the hydration of liquid volcanic material. However for Lapparent (1937) its geological formation is due to the alteration of instable volcanic rocks. In 1977, N. Trauth found a relation between the Ghassoul or Rhassoul and other mineral rocks, which allowed him to conclude in his study that the Ghassoul mineral clay composition was due to a progressive alteration of preexisting minerals in an environment rich in magnesium and silicon. Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and Spas Used by the finest spas around the world, Rhassoul Clay, also known as Moroccan Lava Clay and Ghassoul Clay, is an ancient clay that is mined from deep below the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and is then milled into a super-fine powder..

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