Moroccan Rhassoul Mud Baths for Your Dog

Mud has many benefits for your dog. It can soothe irritations by removing dead irritated skin. It can soothe hot spots. The Rhassoul mud applied to your dogs coat during the bath can help moisturize the skin and remove dandruff. This is very beneficial in the winter when the air is drier. ghassoul Mud baths have also been known to help diminish the pain of arthritis. Rhassoul baths can also help with flea control.

What is a mud bath? Is it better than a shampoo bath? What are the benefits of a mud bath? Is the bathing process different? These are all common questions that we have encountered when telling our clients about the beauty of a mud bath for their dogs.
Normally you try to keep your dog out of the mud, especially inside your home!
A mud bath simply put is the same concept as shampoo but using mud instead. Believe it or not using Rhassoul mud on your dog has many benefits…. more so than using regular shampoo. We are not encouraging you to have your dog roll around outside in the mud when it’s raining. That’s not what we are saying. We are however, saying that you should start giving your dogs a Ghassoul mud bath when the opportunity arises.

Rhassoul Ghassoul mud the best for dogs

Mud has many benefits for your dog. It can soothe irritations by removing dead irritated skin. It can soothe hot spots. The Rhassoul mud applied to your dogs coat during the bath can help moisturize the skin and remove dandruff. This is very beneficial in the winter when the air is drier. ghassoul Mud baths have also been known to help diminish the pain of arthritis.
Rhassoul baths can also help with flea control. 

Why Moroccan Rhassoul Mud? 
This mud helps maintain skin and coat health while fortifying fleas.
Rhassoul contains tiny granules of dirt and clay mixed together with water. When massaging mud onto your dog’s skin, tiny granules of dirt remove dead and dry skin, which leaves soft skin behind. Once your dog’s skin is exfoliated, newer skin can be treated and conditioned with oils and moisturizers.

If your dog has dry and flaky skin, choose a Moroccan Rhassoul Mud bath containing moisturizers that will soften your dog’s skin without leaving a greasy residue behind. Exfoliating and moisturizing your dog’s skin regularly (once a month) is an excellent idea, especially if living in a dry climate or during shedding season.
Prevents Hair Loss
Although shedding is natural dogs and all animals, excessive shedding or unhealthy hair loss can result from stress, due to a high fever of viral diseases for a prolonged period, malnutrition, genetic reasons, harmful drugs, side effects of cosmetics, unhealthy water, and many other reasons.
This product is proven and uses the highest grade Moroccan Ghassoul or Rhassoul mud and minerals and has been proven to be very effective for preventing hair loss by providing the skin and coat with a high mineral and antioxidant content to promote hair follicle repair and maintenance.
Calcium, which is one of the essential minerals responsible for healthy and shiny hair, is also the major constituent of Rhassoul mud. Our products once applied to the hair of your pet will repair and strengthen it, leaving behind a natural glow, and defense for damage and loss.
Repair Damaged Tissues
Phosphorus and Magnesium are two minerals that play a vital role in the repair of damaged tissue. Both these minerals are present in high concentrations within the Dead Sea. Absorbed by the skin pores of your pet,
Our products – General Benefits

  • Reduces Hair loss
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Helps to eliminate Dandruff
  • Helps to Reduce Shedding
  • Repairs Damaged tissue
  • Decreases itching and scratching
  • Leaves coat soft and silky
  • Helps in Relieving hotspots
  • Helps to improve skin conditions such as psoriasis
  • Reduces Stress
  • Leaves Groomer’s hand soft and moisturized
  • Reduces joint Inflammation

Joint inflammation is usually characterized by joint pain, loss of functioning of joints, joint stiffness, swelling of joints or redness, and is a problem that is faced by many people. This disorder can lead to a negative effect on internal organs and thus lead to pain in the organs. As it is experienced with people, it is also experienced by our pets.
Reduces Stress
Your pets active lifestyle puts a lot of stress on their bodies, leading to both internal and external disorders. The mineral Magnesium is an anti-stress mineral. The Ghassoul mud will gradually help with easing muscle stiffness, and skin conditions such as eczema, helping your pet to feel better on a daily basis.

Promotes blood Circulation
Proper blood circulation is very important because it allows nutrients to be circulated to all working tissues in the body, including the skin, paving the way for proper tissue maintenance and health. These mud are rich in minerals and antioxidants, that when applied to your pet’s skin and coat, will promote blood circulation, naturally leading towards a more natural lifestyle.

Why Dogs Love To Roll In Mud After Bath

How to Give Your Dog a Moroccan Rhassoul Mud Bath at Home?
Keep It Simple

Keep ingredients to a minimum. Start with a basic but high-quality Rhassoul mud. There’s no need to find a product labeled for use on dogs. Human products are much more closely regulated for safety, so it is better, and usually cheaper, to buy the Rhassoul mud you would use for yourself. Just avoid anything that has extra properties (e.g., “purifying,” “beauty” or “exfoliating”) that might indicate other additives.
Individualized Additives
Add something specific for your dog, also a human-grade supplement. Aloe vera is great for itchy or burned skin. Coconut oil will help soften rough skin and increase coat shine. Ground oats can help exfoliate, soothe irritations and soften skin. Mashed avocado will also moisturize, soothe and remove buildup on skin and coat. Adjust the amounts for the consistency. You want it to go on easily, spread well and still rinse thoroughly. Check with your vet if you have any questions about the ingredient you want to use and for what reason.
Using the Bath
Give your dog a gentle bath with your mud mixture. You can apply to dry or damp coat. Slather on gently, avoiding eye and genital areas. Massage it in well all the way to the paw pads and rinse with lukewarm or cool water. (Since you’re not using soap or other drying agents, it is not imperative to remove every trace.) Pat dry with a soft towel.
Mud baths are different than shampoos in that mud baths are made especially for your dog’s skin. Once your dog is in the tub, wet his coat thoroughly and then apply mud bath onto your dog’s skin. Once your dog is covered with Moroccan Rhassoul Mud bath, slowly massage the product onto your dog’s skin, applying light pressure. Massaging is key to giving your dog a mud bath. The light circular or linear finger movement that occurs during massages pushes and pulls mud particles against your dog’s skin, which causes exfoliation.
Now, it’s time to rinse your dog. Using lukewarm water, start rinsing your dog from head to tail. Keep rinsing until the water running off your dog is clear. If you still feel a light residue in your dog’s coat, you can wash your dog with a mild shampoo.
After rinsing your dog’s skin and coat completely, it’s best to blow-dry his coat. When blow-drying your dog, use the least amount of heat possible and keep the dryer moving. Never dry one spot of your dog’s coat, as it can burn his skin. As you’re drying your dog, you’ll notice his skin looking clear and flake-free and his coat amazing.

Applying this mud once a week to your dog’s coat will certainly help with your fight against fleas.

Try giving your furry friend a mud bath today. Rhassoul mud for dogs are available at our on our online store! ONLINE SHOP

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Dogs can have a multitude of skin allergies and sensitivities, and the chemicals in some treatments and shampoos can actually end up making them worse. The best way to treat your dog's skin trouble is with a natural, homemade remedy so you know and control all the ingredients. One type of bath that can soothe many an itch and irritation is a mud bath.